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Red Fox Skull Replica

Red Fox Skull Replica

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Fox Skull
Example of Fox Skull

The red fox is found nearly everywhere in the world including urban areas. This small omnivore is a nuisance to farmers, a carrier of rabies, and one of the most invasive species in the wild. However that doesn’t mean the animal isn’t loved by many cultures. The animal has inspired many symbols and meanings from deceitful to friendship.

This model is of the subspecies Vulpes, which is a considered a true fox. The red fox is the most abundant and largest of this subspecies.

These miniature animal skulls are meant to be realistic even in their small size. Miniature skulls look great decorating your miniature spaces like dollhouses and dioramas. These collectible 3D printed skulls will look great in your curio cabinet or shelf, or use them in your art projects for an extra realistic touch.

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