Scale Conversion Tool

Convert measurements between different scales and units using our easy-to-use scale converter. Simply input a value in whatever measurement you please, type the input scale (such as 1:1), type the output scale (such as 1:12), and click “Convert”. Our JavaScript-based tool will instantly calculate the converted value and display it for you. Perfect for architects, model makers, and hobbyists

Scale Percentage Converter

Determine the percentage difference between two scales. By selecting the input and output scales from dropdown menus, you can calculate how much you need to enlarge or make smaller an object or model to fit a different scale. The resulting percentage is displayed on the page, giving you a quick and easy way to make accurate adjustments. Whether you’re a model maker or just need to scale something for a project, this tool will help ensure your measurements are correct.

Inches to MM Converter

Quickly convert inches to mm with this simple tool.