Welcome to the Scale Grail!

What is the Scale Grail?

The Scale Grail provides miniatures at any scale, as small as 3mm (smaller than a medium grain of rice!). We are focused on realistic miniatures of real life objects.

How do you make your miniatures?

Our miniatures are made using a combination of CT Scans, photo scans, and 3D modeling software.

What makes the Scale Grail different?

Our files are unique and made for each scale. While we do offer licensed products our inventory is mainly unique to us. When we scale files down they go through a process to make sure they can withstand a bit of roughness (but not much! Please be careful when handling). We are a registered small business in North Carolina. Our products are proudly made in the United States of America in small batch quantities. 

What is up with the skulls?

We have a goal to provide every species in existence in any size! Our skulls are used by artists and collectors all around the world.