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Auroch 1:24 Skull Replica

Auroch 1:24 Skull Replica

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○ Scale: 1:24
🠻 Measurements *🠻
‣ Cranium - 49mm x 45mm x 31mm

🠻 You will receive 🠻
‣ One (1) Auroch Skull

Choice of painted or unpainted ⁑.

🐄 Class: Mammalia
🐄 Family: Bovidae
🐄 Genus: Bos
🐄 Scientific Name: Bos primigenius

Our miniature Auroch skull is a tribute to the largest herbivore of the Holocene – the Auroch, the wild ancestor of domestic cattle.

With its massive horns, this iconic creature left its mark on history before becoming extinct in the 1600s. Also known as the "wild ox," the Auroch's presence is evident in ancient cave paintings. The Auroch, with its imposing stature and iconic horns, symbolized both power and sexual potency in the cultures that revered it.

○ What is 1:24 scale?
• So, when we talk about scaling things down, it's like making mini versions of stuff that still look just right compared to each other. You know, like those model homes, dollhouses, and cool railroad setups. Now, in the world of 1:24 scale, it's like shrinking a whole foot down to just half an inch. A 6-foot person will be about 3 inches in this scale. Perfect if you do not have too much room and want to keep some detail.

*Need a custom size? Just ask!

⁑ How to paint: Paint your new miniature like you would a tabletop miniature. Prime first, paint with acrylics, and seal once done. Made a mistake? Clean the area with isopropyl alcohol and try again!

Made of photopolymer resin using 4k 3d printing technology. Cured by nature.
Items are hand painted with love right here in my small art studio.
Photopolymer resin is brittle. Items are for display. Not a toy. Please be careful when handling items.

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