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The Scale Grail

Fallow Deer Replica Skull

Fallow Deer Replica Skull

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Dama dama8🦌 Names: European fallow deer, common fallow deer, fallow deer
🦌 Family: Cervidae
🦌 Scientific Name: Dama Dama
🦌 Habitat: woodlands, deciduous forests, mixed forests, marshes, meadows, and agricultural areas.
🦌 Location: Europe

Thought of as an ornamental species the Fallow deer have been introduced to many parts of the world. They have a wide antler that makes them unique among the deer species.

These miniature deer skull replicas are meant to be realistic even in their small size. The captivating real bone feel is eye catching. These small skulls will add a realistic flair and really bring to life any dollhouse or diorama decor. Popular uses for these skulls are as add ins for resin art projects like dice making resin filler, and jewelry.

Made of photopolymer resin in house byΒ the Scale Grail. Cured in sunlight. Painted and sealed with acrylic paints (when applicable). Items are made with a combined process of photogrammetry and 3d modeling which makes our models look as real to life as possible.


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