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The Scale Grail

Gray Wolf Skull - 1:12 Scale

Gray Wolf Skull - 1:12 Scale

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Cranium: 25mm (about 1 inches) long x 14mm wide x 9mm tall
Closed Jaw: 25mm (about 1 inches) long x 14mm wide x 9mm tall
Open Jaw: 25mm (about 1 inches) long x 14mm wide x 13mm tall

Scaled down from a 1:1 scale of 290mm (11.5 inches)

Names: Gray Wolf, Grey Wolf
Family: Canidae
Scientific Name: Canis lupus

The wolf, scientifically known as Canis lupus, is a sizable canine native to Eurasia and North America. Over thirty recognized subspecies of Canis lupus exist, including the dog and dingo, though gray wolves, as typically understood, only consist of naturally occurring wild variants. This canine holds the title of the largest extant member in the Canidae family, characterized by its less pointed ears and muzzle, along with a shorter torso and a lengthier tail compared to other Canis species. The wolf shares a close enough genetic kinship with smaller Canis species like the coyote and golden jackal, enabling fertile hybridization. Typically, the wolf's fur displays a mottled pattern of white, brown, gray, and black, though arctic subspecies may exhibit almost entirely white fur.

Made of photopolymer resin in house by the Scale Grail. Cured in sunlight. Painted and sealed with acrylic paints (when applicable). Items are made with a combined process of photogrammetry and 3d modeling which makes our models look as real to life as possible.

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