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The Scale Grail

Miniature Human Skeleton, 1:12 scale

Miniature Human Skeleton, 1:12 scale

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ā—‹ Scale: 1:12
šŸ“ šŸ » Measurements ļ¼ŠšŸ »
ā€£ 152mm (6 inches) x 34mm x 65mm

āš ļø PLEASE NOTE: DELICATE, NO MOVING PARTS! Not a toy, item is for display only.

šŸ“¦ šŸ » You will receive šŸ »
ā€£ One (1) Human Skeleton

Choice of painted or unpainted ā‘.

šŸ¦“ Class: Mammalia
šŸ¦“ Order: Primates
šŸ¦“ Family: Hominidae
šŸ¦“ Genus: Homo
šŸ¦“ Scientific Name: Homo sapiens

Realistically detailed full human skeleton. Will look great in your diorama, dollhouse, curio cabinet, terrarium, or other arts and crafts projects.

ā‘ How to paint: Paint your new miniature like you would a tabletop miniature. Prime first, paint with acrylics, and seal once done. Made a mistake? Clean the area with isopropyl alcohol and try again!

Made of photopolymer resin using 4k 3d printing technology. Cured by nature.
Items are hand painted with love right here in my small art studio.
Photopolymer resin is brittle. Items are for display. Not a toy. Please be careful when handling items.

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