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The Scale Grail

Miniature Jellyfish - Choose a size

Miniature Jellyfish - Choose a size

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🪼 Class: Scyphozoa
🪼 Family: Ulmaridae
🪼 Genus: Aurelia
🪼 Scientific Name: Aurelia aurita

Add a common jellyfish to your ocean diorama with our realistic miniature figurines! Handcrafted in blue transparent resin or clear resin with a glossy finish, these common jellyfish replicas will add a touch of wonder to any collection. Choose from different sizes to create your own underwater scene.

Dice makers and miniature painters can use these minis to add an element of aquatic realism to their games and collections, with the jellyfish's detailed features providing a touch of realism and intrigue to their designs. Whether you're an experienced artist or a novice just starting out, these minis provide endless creative potential and inspiration for any project or collection. Don't settle for the ordinary - elevate your work with the unique and striking beauty of these replica jellyfish from the Scale Grail!

Topped with an acrylic gloss.

⁑ How to paint: Paint your new miniature like you would a tabletop miniature. Prime first, paint with acrylics, and seal once done. Made a mistake? Clean the area with isopropyl alcohol and try again!

Made of photopolymer resin using 4k 3d printing technology. Cured by nature.
Items are hand painted with love right here in my small art studio.
Photopolymer resin is brittle. Items are for display. Not a toy. Please be careful when handling items.

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