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Blesbuck Skull Replica - 1:12 scale (2 skulls)

Blesbuck Skull Replica - 1:12 scale (2 skulls)

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○ Scale: 1:12
○ Measurements: 45mm  x 25mm x 19mm

• You will receive: Two (2) Blesbuck Skulls
• Choice of type painted, or unpainted.

Scientific classification:

🦌 Kingdom: Animalia
🦌 Phylum: Chordata
🦌 Class: Mammalia
🦌 Order: Artiodactyla
🦌 Family: Bovidae
🦌 Genus: Damaliscus
🦌 Species: Damaliscus Pygargus Phillipsi

The Blesbuck is native to Southern Africa and features s-shaped horns. Once one of the most abundant antelope species in the African plains but have become scarce due. 

This Blesbuck, or blesbok, skull is replicated in 1:12 scale and has marvelously long pointed horns. Expertly painted, this tiny antelope cranium is perfect for use in dollhouses, dioramas, and models. Add a touch of realism and scientific accuracy to your displays with this unique piece.

These miniature blesbuck skull replicas are meant to be realistic even in their small size. They would look great in your dollhouse or diorama or use them for your own art projects.

○ What is 1:12 scale?
• Scaling is a way to miniaturize items to make them small but still of appropriate size to each other. Think model homes, dollhouses, and railroad models. For this particular scale 1 foot is equal to 1 inch. A popular scale for adult dollhouse collectors and action figures, particularly western action figures. Also called classic scale, traditional scale, and one-scale.

Need a custom size or color? Just ask! I'll do my best to accommodate you.

Made of photopolymer resin using 4k 3d printing technology. Cured by nature.
Items are hand painted with love right here in my small art studio.
Photopolymer resin is brittle. Items are for display. Not a toy. Please be careful when handling items.

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