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The Scale Grail

Mule Deer Skull - 1:12 Scale

Mule Deer Skull - 1:12 Scale

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🦌 Class: Mammalia
🦌 Family: Cervidae
🦌 Genus: Odocoileus
🦌 Scientific Name: Odocoileus hemionus

Miniature mule deer skull with antlers in choice of style and finish. Buy the unpainted miniature model kit and paint yourself! Add a skull mount for that perfect look to hang in your diorama or dollhouse. The mount comes attached with a strong UV resin.

The mule deer is also known as the Burro Deer and is one subspecies of black tailed deer and is native to western North America and named after its ears that resemble those of a mule. The distinguishing feature between this deer and the white tail is its black tipped tail.

This work is a derivative of "Robert Brock Euro Mule Deer" by 3D Big Game and is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution by The Scale Grail.

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