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Right Whale Dolphin Replica Skull

Right Whale Dolphin Replica Skull

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Papio hamadryas Cologne ZooNames: Right Whale Dolphin
Family: Delphinidae
Location: North Pacific or Tasman Sea (depending on species)
Habitat: deep offshore waters

The right whale dolphin can be found in large pods up to thousands which may also contain other species of dolphin. This dolphin lacks a dorsal fin which may explain the name as right whales do not have one either.

These miniature dolphin skull replicas are meant to be realistic even in their small size. They would look great in your dollhouse or diorama or use them for your own art projects.

Painted skulls are painted in house by our artist which makes each one slightly different. We use high quality acrylic paint made in the USA built to display for many, many years.

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