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Walrus Skull Replica

Walrus Skull Replica

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Group of walruses odobenus rosmarusNames: walrus
Family: Odobenidae
Scientific Name: Odobenus rosmarus
Location: Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Habitat: arctic

The walrus is a very large marine mammal from the northern hemisphere that has been used for its blubber, ivory, and meat. A threatened species the walrus has two main subspecies - Atlantic and Pacific. With the Pacific outnumbering the Atlantic by quite a bit. The walrus is a social animal and the males can weigh up to 4400 pounds and can live up to 40 years.

Its skull is distinguishable by its long canine tusks which are found in both sexes. The tusks are used for hauling onto land and ice and for keeping holes in ice open and can grow to be up to 39 inches in the males.

These miniature walrus skull replicas are meant to be realistic even in their small size. They would look great in your dollhouse or diorama or use them for your own art projects.

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